Five Top Search Engines for Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has many domains to be understood. A plethora of methodologies can be adapted for marketing using the internet. One of such ways is the use of search engines for internet marketing. Search engines basically provide an instant access to the clients of a certain product. When a user enters the name of the product in the search engine the product which has paid more to the search engine group comes at the top of the web page. For instance, a person is searching for the best computer , if dell has paid to the search engine group for the marketing then dell will come first after the user press enter. A wide variety of search engines is there on the internet. The following discussion will provide a precise overlook at the features of the top five best search engines.

Top five search engines:

They are among the top on the basis of the number of users as well as the influencing behavior of the search engines. These days the search engines that are considered as the top most search engines specifically for the internet marketing are as below:


This technology giant always tried to improve its searching algorithm. It is said that around 70 percent of the world search market has been acquired by google.


As it a default search engine on Microsoft very own internet explorer. So it has maintained its place in internet marketing. The team behind this search engine is always there to compete it above google.


Yahoo comes in the same row as Bing. Both are unable to compete with google but are themselves a competition for other search engines. It is said that yahoo has a market share of around 7 percent.


It is the widest search engine used by the world’s second large economy. People in China use this engine. Although this search engines a market share of 4 percent but still among the top search engines when it comes to marketing.

It is another search engine that has been using worldwide by so many businessmen for the purpose of internet marketing.

Factors that makes these search engines best for marketing:

Among many various factors the two major factors that involve in internet marketing with the help of search engines organic factors and payment factors. Organic search process basically market the product on the basis of the number of users and current trends. Paid search process encompass payment by the owners of the organization to the search engine owners. It all depends on the theme that the more sugar you will put in the sweeter the taste will be. The ads will maintain their quality when they will be eyed by a plethora of users on different famous web browsers. Moreover, many trademark policies and relationships between the users and the product are kept in mind before marketing the products with the assistance of search engines. But the fact remains the same that the more the users of the engine will be the best the search engine will be in terms of marketing.